Experimental Music Technology

Experimental Music Technology



my name is Sam and, amongst other things, I'm an experimental music technologist.


here is a rough, and incomplete, list of things i've made and done…

More recent stuff is roughly towards the top, while the most recent stuff is not yet listed here
→ there is also some stuff, including contact links and about this page, below the things that follow

Computer Music PhD

December 2013
I submitted my PhD thesis and portfolio of works to the University of Huddersfield on Christmas Eve 2013.   After defending those things in a viva on the last day of March 2014, I was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy subject to minor corrections and amendments.   Whilst completing those changes (April–June 2014) I also created a website version of the work:


October 2012
Working again with Alexis Kirke (our first collaboration was on Fast Travel), I worked for a month in the new Marine Institute Building at Plymouth University to integrate with their wave tank systems and create a swimming pool sized instrument for Alexis to play at the public opening of that building.
→ I have collected various links to media coverage of, and written about soundWave here.

Fast Travel

January 2011
Fast Travel is described (by Alexis Kirke) as: A 10 minute piece for saxophone and artificially intelligent whale schools, by Alexis Kirke and Sam Freeman.
→ Alexis has information about it, including video of the premier in Plymouth here, and I wrote a bit about the software I made for it here.

Fast Travel was also performed at the International Computer Music Conference 2011.


Between October 2009 and December 2012 I regularly performed with HELOpg
lptp is the downloadable/streamable album of improvisations that we recorded

Inclusive Improv

In 2007 I co-founded, with Scott Hewitt, the inclusive improv in Huddersfield. With and (mostly) without funding from the PRS for Music Foundation we hosted public performances in a wide range of situations

Master of Arts

MA Interactive Sound Design
see here for details

Chai Lounge Studio

In 2009 I made this page to explain my chai things; — it refers mostly to two compilations of my music, one of which is online to listen to:
Ingle Nook (30min 57sec) a collection of 5 recordings that I made between 2006 and 2008 and → Chai Lounge 01 (50min 45sec) eight stereo tracks including compositions from my BA and MA work (some of which were originally for four- or eight-channels);

The 2007 Chai Lounge Studio web site is an earlier incarnation of this one, and details some of my early software based 'interactive music' experiments...

Merfa Smean

merfasmean.com used to land on this site with embedded music players – the site is now quite glitched, but the audio players should still work…
→ Merfa Smean mostly refers to music that I made ca. 2000 - 2004
I also worked under that name to produce some tracks for Comatose Horse (in 2005) and I sometimes use the anagrammatic name for other things too.



Experimental Music Technology was established, November 2012, as a name under which to document things done and stuff on going…
→ as with most things, it is a perpetual work in progress………

SoundMaking is much shorter to write/type than experimental music technology; it is also a word-phrase that I found myself writing quite often in my PhD Thesis.
→ at the moment, both soundmaking.co.uk and experimentalmusictechnology.co.uk resolve to this web page.


new in September 2013

videos uploaded since February 2009




samuelfreeman.me.uk a blog-site to which I post less often than I think of doing so